(Moroni 7:15-17) There Is No Neutrality

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I just read (hot off the presses) Matt Walsh’s latest article, “Matt Walsh: Christians, it’s simple: if that TV show won’t bring you closer to God — don’t watch it,” and it is powerful.

[Note: I find it very interesting that just yesterday I wrote a similar article regarding pretty much the very same subject. Don’t you find that interesting that the Spirit of Christ is moving people in the same direction, at the same time? I do.]

And to the point, in yesterday’s article I talked about being able to know with a perfect knowledge if evil and unclean spirits are in you, on you, or around you, and then I taught from my personal experience how to deal with them.

Matt’s article talks about the entertainment choices we make. I wanted to make an addendum to my article and punctuate it with Matt’s article.

Brothers and Sisters there is no such thing as neutrality. As we learn quite clearly from Moroni (Moroni 7:15-17), you are either being persuaded/nudged/tempted/enticed/visited/prompted/spoken to/moved upon/etc. by the Light of Christ or by the devil. There is no neutral ground.

What Matt Walsh so well describes is that there is no neutrality in the TV programs you watch either.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging you, I’m far from “holier than thou.”  It’s just that I have learned these past months that as I make my walk with Christ, the closer I get to Him, the more of the world I am required to leave behind.

It’s like the pioneers who walked across the plains, and got to the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. The closer they got to their promised land the more difficult the journey became, and they had to leave behind the things they had carried so many miles, but were making their journey all but impossible, and impassible (their armoires, china cabinets, grandfather clocks, etc.). They call that trail the “trail of tears.”

And on our trek to Christ, the closer we get to Him, we too will be required let go of these worldly things, the things the devil has authored. It’s the only way we will ever fully enter into His presence.

As Matt said, “It may sound corny, but I think a good rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t watch a particular show with Christ sitting physically in the room with you, then you shouldn’t watch it. After all, He is in the room with you.”

I would only add, or clarify, as Moroni taught us, either He is in the room with you, or they are. And as I taught you in my other article they are in you, on you, or around you, and I’m not OK with that.

So friend, who’s sitting next to you while you watch TV?

I’m not judging you. That you can do yourself. You can know with a perfect knowledge.

The thing is, I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t watch on TV, neither is Christ. There’s not a single scripture verse in all the Standard Works that talks about TV. Christ isn’t telling you what to watch – you have your agency. But I can testify with utmost certainty that He knows how much of His Light is in you, on you, or around you.


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