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I haven’t been writing blog posts with as much frequency lately as I would like, but it’s not because I’ve been slothful, but because I’ve been going through an important phase with Lindon. He’s been getting all my inspirational stuff – sorry.

As part of the Remnant Rebirth I have been writing Lindon a letter a day. And can I say this? When you begin a daily practice like writing letters, you can no longer just get away with shallow, surface writing. No, that just wouldn’t do. It would be way too transparent. I mean, Lindon could spot it in the first few sentences of the letter. He could see really fast that I was just “blowing him off,” and the letters would be of no real substance or purpose.

What I’m trying to relay to you is that the letters I have written to Lindon many times have transcended just simple blah-blah-blah letters and have been powerful and at times even prophetic, where the Spirit has guided me to write that which would bless and edify and even lift Lindon.

And Lindon can bear witness to this very truth, I’m certain of it.

But to be able to write these kinds of letters requires a time commitment that sometimes is staggering. I’ve been known to write for 4 to 6 hours for one single letter. That is why the blog has taken a back seat. I just have not had the extra time.

Be not dismayed, I have kept a copy of all these letters and without too much editing I can repurpose them to be blog posts. So PrisonTemple readers can benefit from many of these inspirational letters as well.

That said, I would like to share one of those letters with you today:

So, another part to what we were talking about regarding how all hell breaks loose when we are being brought to the next level. Not only is it law – equal opportunity for opposition to balance the scales, but it is all part of the eternal plan. Follow me on this:  the eternal plan requires that we choose light over darkness. That’s it, pretty much in one fell swoop, that’s the entirety of the Plan of Salvation – our Heavenly Parent’s plan. Will we choose the light, or will we choose darkness – which one will we choose?

Everything, and I mean everything derives from that basic of all basics – light and darkness – ones and zeros – freedom or captivity – opposition in ALL things, and which one will we always choose. You can’t be on both sides, you can only have one and reject the other.

Think about it, loser-bum-smear only chooses darkness. Everything he is is based on darkness: hate, evil, vice, etc. While Jesus Christ is so filled with light He IS the light, and everything related to Him is light, governed by Him, alive by Him – everything.

We say the Plan of Salvation is to “return to live with Heavenly Father.” Which is true, but look at it, what does that really mean? It means we have proven by our lives, by our hearts and souls that we choose light and have tried with all our might to eliminate any kind of darkness (ungodliness) from our lives and tried to be filled with only light (become perfected in Christ).

What is repentance? Turning away from when we have chosen darkness over light, becoming humble and saying we are sorry, and turning our hearts back to the light, and the light (Jesus Christ, because of His Atonement) purges from us the sin and allows us to be filled back up with even more light.

So that’s how a person that is filled with light can be filled with more light from day to day until the perfect day – which is that he no longer has any darkness in him; truly a perfect day indeed.

So when you said a while back that you are going to focus on Christ, that’s exactly what you were saying. You were going to choose light in everything you do. That’s what focusing on Christ is:  choosing light – He is the light.

  • Deny yourself of all ungodliness = deny yourself of darkness.
  • Chase darkness from among you.
  • In every form of godliness = in only those things that are full of light.
  • Come unto me = walk in the light.
  • Sin = darkness = captivity, righteousness = light = freedom.
  • Repent = turning away from darkness.
  • Wickedness never was happiness, happiness is being in the fullness of light.
  • His Grace is sufficient = His light is sufficient.
  • Baptism of fire = filled with the brightest light, so much so it appears to be burning.
  • God’s throne is a circling flame of fire – His light is so bright He burns like the sun – like His Son.
  • No man can bear His presence, they would be burned as stubble in His presence = darkness is impurities that would be burned out at the presence of God, a man must be transfigured (filled with light, and only light) to be able to withstand the presence of the Lord, and God.

I probably could go on and on with these kinds of examples. There are so many, because it really is the entire Plan of Salvation all boiled down into its simplest form.

Wickedness never was happiness – nor anything like unto it. But in contrast think of the happiest people who have ever been recorded to have lived on the earth (3 & 4 Nephi), and what made them so happy? They were filled with, lived with, became a people of light. Enoch’s city could no longer remain on this earth. Why? Because the god (little g) of this earth is loser-dust-bunny, and he only deals with darkness. They could not exist here on his earth at the same time. Why will loser-wrecking-ball be bound during the millennium? Because there will be so much light, because the Savior will be here on the earth and the people will be filled with only light, and will only desire light, and will only want light – they will choose light, and so loser-burnt-out-battery won’t have a place to spread his darkness.

So when our bodies choose darkness, we are saying we don’t choose Christ. But when we consciously choose to fill our lives with ONLY light, then we clearly show/demonstrate that we choose Christ. Remember when I would tell you over and over to listen to good music? You understand now, what I was trying to say, “Only listen to that which embraces and fills your heart/soul with light. Anything else will only lead to darkness. And we know what’s going to happen to the darkness.”

And that’s it. Focus on Christ. Fill yourself with light – brighter and brighter till the perfect day. Chase out darkness. How? With light. That’s the only way you can. Chase it away by bringing more and more light into your life.

Now, I understand you are living in one of the darkest hell holes on earth. I get it. But you know what, so does your Savior. He knows exactly the quotient of light and darkness in that place. And on many days you are probably the only light that place sees – remember that. But you can generate enough light, just you alone, to generate enough electricity to power an entire city. You have that power. You have that right. You have the heart for it. You alone. And because you’ve been fighting so hard for so long your light muscles are much, much stronger than you can imagine.

Have you ever really pondered why it is that you haven’t been raped, or beaten by a gang member? You hear about those kinds of atrocities that happen in state prisons all the time. Why not you?  It’s the same reason loser-pimple-pickle and his merry twerp-tweezers aren’t able to break you down and destroy you: You are filled with too much light. And what’s the source of that light? You got it, the Savior Jesus Christ, and He is saving you.  Why? Because of the light you have chosen. It’s the same light that rules the universe, the stars, the planets, the earth, and everything on it – even prison. Why can’t it protect tiny insignificant little Lindon? It does. Because you have consistently chosen light, Christ’s light, and He has honored you, because you have honored Him. He has protected you with His light.

And before He comes again, what is going to cleanse the earth to prepare this earth for His triumphant arrival? You guessed it – light. What is the tool that will be used by the Remnant to stop armies, change hearts, destroy the wicked, translate the righteous, and build the New Jerusalem? Light. The Priesthood is the authority to use the power of the light, but the light is the power.

What heals the sick? What changes lives? What is love? What is charity even? Really, what are all these things, but extensions of light? Humility is the key because light only flows when there is no impedance, nothing to stop its flow, and humility is just that:  not having walls of darkness put up. Walls of darkness are put up by hardened hearts (darkness), stiff necks (darkness), and pride (darkness), or at the very least these things impede light from flowing. Vanity isn’t necessarily darkness, per se, but it certainly is a light-stealer – it says, focus on me, give me your attention, give me the glory, give me your honor, give me your light. So it doesn’t necessarily create darkness, but its effect is that the light is impeded or deterred away from the true path which leads away to mists of darkness. The same with pride.

So basically, your day to day is to ask yourself in everything you do, “Is this the light of Christ?”  If the answer is “yes,” then you know you are where you should be, doing that which is good. But if darkness is present, in any way, then you know with equal assurance that what you are doing is wrong.

Be in the light – always, in all ways. Be faithful to the light. Be great!


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