Remnant Rebirth Update (April 8, 2017)

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I just wanted to quickly post how my progress is going in my Remnant Rebirth. If you feel so inspired, I invite you to do the same. I’d love to hear your progress.

Honesty is a must – things are going well, but not as good as I’d like. I just ended my first week, so I’m grateful I have the room for improvement.

The one part am having the most struggles with is when I walk through a doorway and I instantly “clear the room” of any evil and, ask for my time spent in the room to be full of the spirit. I’ve done it maybe twice out of literally hundreds of opportunities I’ve had. It helped tremendously when I did it, but for me it’s just getting into the habit of being aware.

We all walk through so many doorways throughout the day that it’s difficult always remember to do it. I’m working on it though, because I can already sense its long-range effects in my life. If I get good at this, then I can definitely tell that the sacrament prayers will come to life for me in a big way, as I covenant to ALWAYS REMEMBER HIM, when I can once again partake of this sacred ordinance.

Also my workout schedule is kind of depleted.  Since I work all day, when I come back to the block I’m just exhausted. No excuses, though, I’ve got to improve!

I really have missed the spirit, though, that attends with this lifestyle that I experienced during the 40 –Day Fast, so I’m grateful it has accompanied me this week in the measure it has. It is my main goal for my own personal Remnant Rebirth to always have the abiding spirit to be with me. Thus, the last thing I wish to share is the miraculous power my half hour prayers (morning and night) are invoking into my progress. This has born the biggest changes for me this first week. I’m excited to see it bear more fruit. May the spirit abound!

I pray for you all in your own personal Remnant Rebirth and hope you see the miracles it brings. Just remember what you are and where you are. Shake off the dust and hearken to the call. #Teamremnant


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