My Conference to Conference Remnant Rebirth

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Sorry this is a bit late. Lindon has been diligent in writing, but I’ve not been so diligent in getting them posted. I repent.


Well, today is Saturday April 1st and I’m super jealous of all of you that get to tune into General Conference and listen to the voice of the prophets, seers, and revelators. I anxiously await my copy of the Ensign to pick the fruits and scrumptiously indulge!

However, not only does this day mark the start of another phenomenal General Conference, but it also marks the beginning of my very own personal “Conference to Conference Remnant Rebirth.” If you don’t know what this is, go read Dad’s post “An invitation: Join Us in the 90 Day Remnant Rebirth,” and he’ll tell you all about it.

I am choosing to go big or go home (Ha! I wish I could go home…) But no, really, I am embarking to do the half-year option. The reason being that one, I really truly believe in this and absolutely need it in my life if I am to spiritually survive. But two, to bring hope and help to others (you) and let them (you!) know that it can be done and that it is being done by little old me.

I believe Dad agrees with me when I say that our vision of this is that of a community. I cannot do this alone, as I don’t expect you to do it alone. I need help, and in turn, I offer my unconditional support to you. I want to work together in this, even though its roots are individually nurtured.

Thus I want to open myself to you and let you in on what exactly my personal Remnant Rebirth entails. To be sure though, that yours does not have to be anything like mine. Yours is tailored to you by what the spirit leads you to do or not do. Likewise, mine is tailored to me. My hope is that by sharing this that you too can share yours and together we can rise!

So without further ado, I sadly tell you that this is going to be my last post for a very long time. In my Remnant Rebirth I feel inspired that I need to take a break from writing these blog posts… I am sorry…

Ha ha! April fools! (That is what today’s date is). I wouldn’t do that, unless the spirit really told me to, which He didn’t. Okay, forgive me. I couldn’t resist! No more jokes from here on out. I promise.

So from today, April 1, 2017 to the very end of next General Conference (First weekend of October), I will maintain my “Conference to Conference Remnant Rebirth.” I suggest you begin yours with a fast as I am doing mine. Then be led by the Spirit of making a little basket of do’s and don’ts. As I write mine down here now I make it official.

My basket includes:

  • No TV
  • No movies
  • No novels (unless gospel oriented)
  • No magazines (except the Ensign)
  • No music (except him)
  • Wake up at 5:30 AM
  • Be in bed before 9 PM
  • No naps
  • No snacking after dinner
  • No complaining
  • No gossip
  • No judging
  • Work out every evening for no less than 30 minutes (except Sundays!)
  • Half hour prayer morning and night
  • Scripture doctrine study session every morning and night
  • Fast at least once a week (more if needed)
  • “Clear the room” with prayer every doorway I pass through (ask for protection)
  • Hour-long meditation, “Temple trip” every Friday night
  • At least one blog post every Saturday
  • Three hour personal church service every Sunday (Make Sabbath a delight)
  • Be the first one at work, and the last one to leave
  • Save up my tithing (10% of my $15 a week)
  • Give more and more of my substance to others
  • Write a journal entry every night

I recognize that this list is a pretty ambitious and lengthy basket, but a lot of it was done during my 40-Day Fast, so that’s why I feel I can do it, because most of it I’m already doing. I basically integrated then added.

Again, your list may look completely different than mine. It may only contain one of these or a completely different set altogether. You might even be inspired to do more than this – I hope you are. The important part is that you DO IT! Our aim is to increase the Spirit in our lives by putting off the natural man (Mosiah 3:19). I do not know what that looks like for you, but for me this is what it looks like. I share it to let you know that you can do the same. And as you do, I promise with all that I am, that you will have all of our help. Just let us know. Have fun! And for future reference, thank you for your help. Now, let’s awake. #teamremnant


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