My Visit with Lindon

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So I went to see Lindon. The visit was wonderful. But flying standby was an adventure (a story for another time). Let me say this: Lindon is AMAZING! His spirits are up, his faith is strong, and he looks great!  He had a list of things jotted down on a tiny piece of paper that he wanted to talk about. Our visit was four hours long and we made the best of it.

He wanted to let you all know how much he misses and loves you. “Tell them that I pray for them, and I am always thinking of them.” he said.

Here are some pictures we took:

Prison Mug Shot

One Happy Dad


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  1. That’s it???? While I’m glad this is a shorter message, I’m bummed it isn’t longer. Yeah, we’re never satisfied. I was so happy when I heard you had gone to see Lindon. That had to be the best feeling yet. So glad he is doing well and that he was given 4 hours with you.

    1. Post

      Okay, Linda, I know it was short, but I just wanted to get something up before too much time went by.

      But I’ll share with you one thing he told me that just about blew me away with sudden perspective. He has a particular bench that he goes to every morning/evening to study the scriptures and write letters/blog posts. He said he always has his scriptures with him as he sits there. And just about every single day one of the guys in his block sits across from him with his stack of smutty magazines and studies them with as much diligence as Lindon studies the scriptures.

      Talk about blatant contrast. But it brings tremendous joy to this father’s heart to know my son is holding to the rod so firmly and not letting the great and spacious building distract him. Because in there, who would care if he were to indulge?

      But what Lindon probably doesn’t see is the pillar of fire that surrounds him. Of which I am profoundly grateful.


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