“The Core of My Planet”

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“You are therefore commanded to be perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.” (GST Matthew 5:50)

This scripture might in fact be one of the most underestimated Scriptures in all of the Standard Works of our Heavenly Father. The possibility bespoke by Jesus Christ himself in his Sermon on the Mount denotes all reason for our eternal existence. It is my favorite truth in all of the gospel. To become like God (Capital G) – to become a god (small g) – and have all that God has.

This is our eternal destiny. Not shooting beyond the mark and definitely not shooting under it, this is the whole reason we even exist – to be perfect, just as our Heavenly Father is perfect. And what is even more, it is a commandment we must follow!

In my high school years, I was one of a handful of Latter-Day Saints. Therefore, 98% of my friends and associates were of other faiths and beliefs.  Everyone knew me as the Mormon boy and knew that I lived differently. Luckily, I had the greatest friends a kid could ever ask for, so I wasn’t ridiculed (much) but was actually stood up for in many instances. Because of this I believe, I began to develop an amount of humility in everything I stood for and believed. It made it easy for me to live a moral life.

I’ll never forget though the one thing I used to always get teased. No, it wasn’t my many wives I will have or how I couldn’t (wouldn’t) go out and party. What I constantly got badgered about was “the core of my planet,” that hung around my neck.

I wore this very simple necklace. I have no idea where it came from, or whose it was before me (maybe my brothers, most likely, I don’t know), but ever since I put it on, I never took it off. It was a fine leathery hemp band with a round polished grey stone. Kind of odd, I know. People would ask me what it was and I would shrug because I really didn’t really know. But to my surprise my friends began calling it “the core of my planet.”

It caught on and everyone knew the stone dangling from my neck as this “core of my planet.” One particular afternoon, I thought to myself, “What the heck does that even mean?” I’d get asked all the time from various people in the halls how my core was doing. I knew it was all playful teasing, but why on earth was it such a big deal? And why did it need to be repeated over and over again?

I was confused, so I asked why they kept calling it the “core of my planet?” Their nonchalant response was, “You’re a Mormon. When you die you get your own planet, right?”

I was amazed! Of all the annoying and overused stereotypes Mormon’s get teased about throughout life, this is the one my friends knew. I couldn’t have been more proud of all my friends than on that day! If even in a screwed up way they knew my potential, our potential. To them I was harvesting a planet around my neck so that when I die I’ll be able to be a god to that planet. It’s not entirely correct doctrine, but in its most simplified version I’d accept it with passing marks.

I think from this experience, I begin to develop that unshakable humility of who I was and what I knew. Thank you to my friends!

After that, when anyone asked what my necklace was, I’d promptly tell them it was “the core of my planet!” It became a powerful amulet to symbolize who I really was, which carried the importance to never forget it!

This doctrine, this truth, is what separates true believers from the rest of the world with its incomplete views. Though, once it is understood, it is as if all of life’s closed doors instantaneously become windows to endless vistas and landscapes.

Each of us born into this world is a godling – organized and created for the sole purpose of becoming like God (capital G), a god (small g). Fully comprehending this initial truth is vital to each of our progression and ultimately our salvation.

Astonishingly, yet terrifying, if we cannot wrap our hearts and minds around this, we shall forever be a slave to our Prisons. There is no Temple without knowing our destiny. Likewise, there is no destiny of becoming like God, if we do not understand who God is.

godling # 474,108,772,944



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  1. This is such a neat post today. I can’t tell you over the past 27 years; how many times I’ve dreamed of my Heavenly home, complete with rocking chair, surrounded by dozens of cats that never get their tails caught and enjoying the most beautiful vistas ever known. To have the idea of wearing the “core of a planet” around was beautiful to me. Thanks for the smile.

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