The Lord’s Perfect Timing – Always, In All Ways

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As I sat down to write this article I started listing all the things I could think of where the Lord has displayed perfect timing. Right off the top of my head, I easily thought of 15+ things. And I know I can come up with at least another 20 or so in the next couple of minutes. There are so many, and it happens so regularly and frequently that it has become commonplace in our lives. So much so even writing about it almost seems like an act of futility. I certainly can’t be the only one experiencing this.

But just in case it’s not quite so commonplace, I thought I would share some of the amazing times where the Lord’s timing was absolutely perfect. These experiences have strengthened my testimony and faith again and again. And I have come to know that truly He is mindful of even the smallest of details, as He executes them with precision and perfection.

There are a numerous stories I can tell you of the Lord’s perfect timing, but their intricate details are almost too complex and there are so many moving parts it’s almost impossible for me to adequately describe them.

Like the day when all this began, back in August of 2014, it just so happened that Levi, who had absolutely zero idea of any of this, just so happened to be on a plane flying back to NC to visit for two weeks before starting school. His arrival couldn’t have been more perfect, for Lindon, for Levi, and for the boy’s mother. His presence there was an absolute answer to prayers that hadn’t even been said yet. But the Lord knew, and His timing couldn’t have been better.

Or the situation of Lindon being able to be in Tucson for the family reunion, it was a miraculous blessing, one we were all overwhelmed by. Or that Lindon was in Tucson, and able to spend time with his cousin Taylor who had just returned from his mission. Again, it was too perfect.

Or the many situations regarding Lindon and his attorney, which actually there are almost too many to write. Like the time where the DA tried to railroad Lindon into signing a plea agreement, and pretty much sign his life away, but the attorney just showed up, at the perfect time to save Lindon from certain doom. Or the day in court where the DA tried to add an additional 4 months to the sentence, but Lindon’s attorney had already gotten Lindon to sign the paperwork (again, perfect timing).

Or the generous donations that came to me from the most peculiar places at the most perfect moments. I sobbed in gratitude for the perfect timing and loving support we had received.

I knew nothing about the prison system prior to all this, but have come to find out that it’s a racket. Every single thing costs money, especially the phone calls. They are all collect and the recipient of the call has to pay a pretty steep price too, and to top it off, the inmates are only allowed 15 minutes per call. I see the wisdom in all of, but it sure was a kick-in-the-pants (or pocketbook) when I found all this out.

Fifteen minutes goes by so dang fast!

Fifteen minutes goes by so dang fast too. We learned to talk fast, come to the phone call prepared with notes, questions, information, etc. We’ve optimized our calls to make the most of them. And the timing? Wow, I can count on one hand (make that one finger) how many times I have missed a call. Lindon’s calls have always (in all ways) been perfectly timed.

Like the many times I was performing on stage at the theater and his call would come right as I stepped off stage for intermission (which was 15 minutes BTW). Or the many times he’s called us on Sunday right as we finished dinner (which has become a Sunday tradition). Or the time I was flying back to NC and had a 20 minute layover in the Dallas airport. Just as I stepped off the plane and entered the terminal he called, and not 5 seconds after his call the attendant called us for loading the plane. Or the return trip where the pilot said we would take a little bit longer than usual to taxi (it was Easter weekend, so it was quite busy), and Lindon’s call came as I was sitting there on the plane getting ready to take off. Just as we hung up the pilot announced that we should turn off all cellular devices.

I can go on and on with stories of how Lindon’s calls have been perfectly timed – each and every time. It’s a blessing I am forever grateful for. His calls are the highlight of my days, and I cherish each and every minute we have had to talk.

Then there’s the Golden Plates. I won’t spend much time telling you what they are, you can read this blog post. But each and every single Golden Plate was not only perfectly timed on Lindon’s end, meaning he always received them and they were the perfect words he was needing to read that very day. But that the inspirations I would have would come out of nowhere. I’d sit to write and I might or might not have had an idea of what I was going to write, but every single day I’d just start writing and before I knew it I was done, and what I had written most of the time was completely different than what I had originally planned on writing. I’d send it, hoping that it was what Lindon needed, and 7 days later he would read exactly what he needed to read. The Lord knew every single time. I didn’t know, most times I hadn’t a clue, but the Lord knew, and His timing was exact and perfect every single time. It was amazing to hear Lindon’s comments about how perfectly timed they were.

There were a couple of times the letter that Lindon should have read had gotten lost in the mail, or somehow got stalled in delivery. He went ahead and read them out of sequence if that occurred, and again, every single time it was the perfect thing he needed to read that very day. One time the Golden Plate I wrote him got lost for more than a month, but the day it arrived just happened to be the perfect subject he needed that very day.

I don’t know how this happens, all I know is that it happens. I bear solemn witness that the Lord’s perfect timing was always, in all ways at play regarding the Golden Plates. Lindon calls them his Golden Plates and I have witnessed over the months just how precious they are to him. He reads and rereads them often, and gains wisdom and strength from them. And always perfectly timed.

The most perfectly timed moment was a gift I shall eternally remember. In October of 2014 was the last time I had seen Lindon face to face before he flew back to NC to turn himself in. In April of 2015 I flew back to NC to be there for his plea hearing. I was able to visit him via close circuit TV in the morning before the hearing. It was so good to see his face for the first time in 8 months. Every second of our visit was cherished.

It was so good to see his face for the first time in 8 months.

When he came into the courtroom there was a retaining wall between where the audience sits and where the attorney’s and inmates sit. I sat as close to Lindon as I possible could. He was about 5 feet away. We could talk to each other in hushed whispers, but couldn’t stand and hug or touch each other – the bailiff stood right there and had a look on his face that he’d cause some pretty serious damage if we attempted to do anything, so we didn’t dare even try.

During the proceedings of the next hour I was able to whisper things back and forth to Lindon and saw and heard just about everything that went on between him and his attorney, and was able to give Lindon the non-verbal support. But I’ll tell you, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. There he was, not 5 feet away and I hadn’t seen him in 8 months. It was all I could do to contain myself.

Towards the end of the hearing, Lindon’s attorney asked the judge if I could say a few words. I stood to speak and the judge asked if I would approach. I stepped into the area near the tables where the attorneys were and stood not 1 foot away from where Lindon was sitting. I spoke. The spirit was strong. My love for my son was overflowing. And the words flowed with power and authority. Perhaps someday I will write a post especially on that subject, but not today, today’s post is about the perfect timing of the Lord.

When I finished what I had to say, I thanked the judge. He thanked me and motioned that it was appropriate for me to return to my seat. But in that very moment the spirit moved upon me and I reached down with my left hand and placed it upon the right shoulder of Lindon and gave the most tender, emotional, and breathtaking soft squeeze. Eternity was in that moment. I could see the bailiff taking a step toward me, I could see the judge nod in approval, I could see Lindon’s attorney silently cheering in her heart, I could see the DA bitterly wince that I had gotten one over on her, I could see the heartbreak of Lindon’s mother, and I could feel Lindon’s love and my love burn like an unquenchable fire of the purest love I had ever experienced. Yes, it was the perfect moment; one I shall never forget. A glorious gift from our loving Father in Heaven. I am eternally grateful.

Before Lindon was shipped off to the prison he called me and the first thing he told me was that touch forever changed his life and that he will never be the same. I love that the spirit moved me to reach out to him. O how I love the Lord’s perfect timing.

Lindon wrote in his first letter from prison these words:

“Dad, God is so good to me! The day I got to see Sydney and Mom and then talk with you extensively ((he called me three times that afternoon – yes, an entire 45 minutes we got to talk)), is the day I leave to prison. I learned something: I know why I left that night and not sooner or later. It’s because of this one truth that God NEEDED me to learn. He CHOSE me to come here. Have I “learned” it yet? Not quite, but I at least have the “truth” ringing in my ear to chew on to thus grasp my mind around it. You said that and my whole being rung with truth, clarity overcame me. I finally understood, and I believe that was my last and final lesson that Cabarrus County Jail could have taught me. Therefore I graduated and move on to the big leagues. Out of the furnace, into the fire.”

I cannot tell you how many such testimonies we have shared back and forth that bear witness of God’s goodness and love, and how He has perfectly timed things on our behalf.

Lindon also wrote in that same letter of another perfectly timed situation:

“Last night, since we came into the prison so late, the officers didn’t really care what we kept. So they let me keep EVERYTHING! J All the Gold Plates and letters, the Book of Mormon and all my other stuff. I was so happy! And blessed! Again, proof that God is in control. And my favorite part of the day … Being outside …. OH MY GOODNESS DID I MISS IT! The yard is basically like recess at Homer Davis Elementary, basketball, volleyball, a snack bar, benches, a little free-weight gym, horseshoes, and a path that loops around it all. That’s what I did … just walked for hours, thinking, rejoicing I WAS OUTSIDE! THE SUN!!! I instantly got a sunburn, I didn’t care! I love every second of it! To see trees, clouds, to pick up a rock, rip off a blade of grass. A bug landed on me and I rejoiced! It was God’s creation! I am humbled to the depths. I felt like weeping, but … can’t, no signs of weakness allowed.”

He got to keep everything, what normally they would have stripped from him, he got to keep, because it was late and they were tired. Yes, God is good, and His timing perfect.

I could go on and on for days writing story after story of God’s goodness and perfect timing. In the coming posts I will bear this in mind and will try and point out the overwhelming attention to detail and timing that comes from God, but know this: Lindon and I have come to know with solemn certainty of God’s constant and continuous perfect timing.

As you live through the hours and days of your life, as you try to make a Temple of your prison, start looking for the “perfect timing’ that happens. You will be amazed – always, in all ways.



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